People shouldn’t get hurt when volunteering and giving back


Nonprofits represent a large and diverse part of the US economy and society. There are about 1.3 million nonprofits in the US that employ more than 12 million people. In addition there are 64 million board members and volunteer workers engaged with these nonprofits.

Each week in the US a volunteer worker is killed or injured in the process of doing volunteer work.

This doesn’t need to be the case. Many nonprofits need the help of skill professional EHS experts to recognize the safety hazards associated with their operations.

Safety for NonProfits can help fill this gap by providing free, professional environmental, health and safety services.

Who we are

A group of executive EHS professionals that have formed Safety for NonProfits (S4NP), a registered 501 (c) (3) company that promotes the fundamental human right to a safe and healthy workplace while supporting the values of charitable work. We work to deliver professional workplace environmental, health and safety services on a pro bono basis to nonprofit organizations.

Jack Geissert

Founder and President of Safety For NonProfits, Inc. (S4NP).

Jack is a Certified Industrial Hygienist and has worked for 45 years to enhance worker safety and health. As a professional in leadership roles, Jack has been a key technical expert and functional manager for environment, health, safety and loss prevention for major companies in the vaccine and biopharmaceutical, semiconductor and computer manufacturing, and environmental remediation industries.

Jack is the co-author of a soon-to-be published book, Don’t Forget the Worker-Stories of Workplace Safety and Health.

Nancy Orr

S4NP Executive Committee Member

Nancy has over 40 years experience and has worked as a Compliance Officer for the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration and as an Industrial Hygienist Specialist for major insurance companies. In addition, she has held various EHS leadership roles with several multinational corporations building capabilities to identify, assess and manage safety risk.

Throughout her career she has been providing services and guidance on occupational health and safety to numerous volunteer organizations. She has been a board member of the Northern New Jersey Council of the Girl Scouts of America and currently assists the Materials for Arts organization and the New York City Sanitation Department to divert disposed art materials and supplies to be donated to artists and schools.

She is passionate about helping individuals understand their roles to protect themselves and improve safety and health.

Dave Crowley

Founding Director of Safety For NonProfits, Inc. He is a member of the S4NP Executive Committee and Board of Directors.

Dave is a Certified Safety Professional and has worked as an Environmental Health & Safety (EHS) professional for over 35 years. Currently he is the Senior Director of EHS for HP Hood LLC, a New England based dairy processing firm. Throughout his career he has had a rich history of volunteer engagement. Key assignments included being an elected official & municipal volunteer serving as a member of the Board of Health, the local Conservation Commission, Local Emergency Planning Committee and a Special Police Officer. From 2013-2019 he was a Trustee and member of the Board of Directors of the American Society of Safety Professionals (ASSP) Foundation, the charitable branch of ASSP.

Dave lives in Canton, MA with his wife Penny and two children.

Howard Lefkin

Founding Director of Safety For NonProfits, Inc. He is a member of the S4NP Executive Committee, on the Board of Directors and Chair of the Operations Committee.

Howard holds a BS in Engineering Science and an MSPH in Environmental Health and Safety (EHS). He is an American Board of Industrial Hygiene Certified Industrial Hygienist and a Certified Safety Professional. He has over 35 years of EHS experience directing and managing programs primarily in the healthcare, higher education, and biotech industries. Howard has a broad level of expertise, including chemical and biological safety and emergency management.

He is dedicated to helping nonprofit organizations provide safe and healthy working environments for their employees and volunteers.

Kathleen (Wunschel) Donndelinger

S4NP Executive Committee Member and leads the S4NP Finance & Risk Management Committee. She is also member of the S4NP Board of Directors.

Kathleen holds a BA in Biology with a minor in Chemistry, is a Certified Safety Professional, and has earned the Associate in Risk Management certification from the Insurance Institute of America. She has been an EHS professional for over 30 years and currently is the Global Safety & Health Program Manager for a major technology company.

Kathleen has had several volunteer experiences over the years, including Roger Williams Zoo, the Boy Scouts of America, Make a Wish, Christmas is for Kids and the American Society of Safety Professionals. She shares the passion of S4NP’s vision to provide safe work environments and training for non-profit organizations.

Kathleen is a Professional Member of the American Society of Safety Professionals. She has served as past Treasurer for the Region VIII ASSP and past President of the Greater Boston Chapter.

Mike Sample

Founding Director of Safety for NonProfits, Inc. He is a member of the Executive Committee and serves as the Corporate Secretary on the Board of Directors.

Mike holds a BS and MS in Occupational Safety Science and is a Certified Safety Professional.

Mike has over 25 years of occupational safety and health experience in the construction and transportation sectors. Within his multiple roles at a major insurance company, Mike consults to Fortune 500 companies to design and implement risk reduction measures to protect the workforce and public.

Mike is a Professional Member with the American Society of Safety Professionals and serves as the Director of the New England Area and a two-term past President of the Greater Boston Chapter.

Steven Meszaros

S4NP Executive Committee Member and leads the Communications and IT initiatives. He is also member of the S4NP Board of Directors.

Steven has 40 years of experience in leadership roles across the Pharma/Biotech and the Chemical industry. He has managed and led EHS, Sustainability, Business Continuity/ Resiliency programs and has held key manufacturing and business development roles.

Throughout his career he has been involved in numerous non profit volunteer initiatives. He was a founding member of the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Initiative. He is a professional member of AIChE and ASSP.

He is active member of the US Technical Advisor Group for ASSP/ISO 31000. Presently he proudly serves as the Global Convener of TG2 Communications Committee for TC 262 ISO 31000 Risk Management Committee.

Presently Steven is VP of Philanthropic Engagement and Risk Management Services with Safe Haven Consulting LLC.

Cary B. Gherman

S4NP Executive Committee Member and Arizona State Team Leader

Cary has over 45 years of experience in developing managing and leading Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) programs for a wide variety of industries that include aerospace, electronic, chemical, and consulting services. His skills include industrial Hygiene and Safety Assessments, Compliance and EHS Management Systems development and auditing.

Cary received his BS in Environmental Sciences from Rutgers University and his MS in Public Health/Industrial Hygiene from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He has also been a Certified Industrial Hygienist and a Certified Safety Professional.