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Ensuring safe and healthy work conditions is essential for the success of all organizations. Data shows that employees and volunteers working for nonprofit organizations are experiencing workplace injuries and accidents every day and all could all be prevented. Published reports by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) document that in addition to commonplace accidents, on average one volunteer worker per week dies while performing volunteer work.

The costs of a workplace accident are high. They may include having to suspend or shut down a program, increased health insurance premiums and workers' compensation expenses, stress on staff members who take over the workload of injured colleagues, reduced morale, the cost of lost-work hours, and damage to the organization’s reputation.

Many nonprofits use a waiver of liability or release to inform the volunteer of risks inherent to the activity, but they do not necessarily protect the organization from all liability. Typically, volunteers are asked to assume the risk of participation and hold the organization harmless if they are injured. Although waivers and releases may sometimes hold up in a court of law, a better way to protect your organization is to eliminate the safety hazards and reduce risks to the lowest possible level through an effective safety program.

BLS Statistics tell us accidents do happen

We're here to help prevent them

What we do

S4NP provides pro bono expert advisory services to the nonprofit sector, with the aim of helping them reduce workplace injuries to employees and volunteers. Whether you want to develop a comprehensive safety plan or address a single issue, we can help.

Our basic services include:

  • Workplace safety awareness training for leaders

  • Virtual and telephonic one-on-one OHS advisory services

  • Risk Assessment guidance

  • Event-specific information and planning

  • On-Site Consultation*

S4NP volunteer safety specialists will partner with your organization to assess potential hazards and safety risks in your workplaces and provide distinct strategies designed to minimize or eliminate them. Among the safety concerns that we may help you to address are driver and vehicle safety, materials handling, loading dock safety, emergency response planning, ergonomics, fire safety, hazardous chemicals and biological agents, slip, trip and fall hazards. We will assist your organization in developing policies and procedures that will guide your programs to prevent incidents and accidents. S4NP is aware of the unique challenges to nonprofit organizations and will assure that safety strategies are aligned with your organization’s mission and culture.

The process that we follow is to assess if and how we can be helpful in addressing your organization’s needs, set goals and develop a plan to meet these goals and suggest next steps to ensure sustainable success.

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NOTE: Currently, all in-person activities are suspended due to Covid-19. S4NP continues to provide phone and e-mail consultations and can deliver training and informational sessions online.